I am an ambitious, enthusiastic, and forward-thinking creative with a unique and innovative entrepreneurial passion for design, I started from nothing but a basic understanding of Photoshop and an open mind to learn new things. 
Beginning as a self-taught artist drawing the cartoons I watched and other things around my house, I drew my way from art school to internship honing my skills. I started from nothing but a basic understanding of Photoshop and an open mind to learn new things. 
Upon deciding to change my college major from Applied Engineering to Media Arts & Technology, I began to structure my collegiate and career experiences to gain a skill set that would take me far in my future endeavors. 
The resulting coursework takes on many forms: story, sound, and motion; digital imagery; human-computer interaction and experience design; web authoring; media animation; media design; media photography; graphics and illustration; social media and society; mobile applications; and information design to name some.
I can proudly say that over 85% of my education comes from my passion for learning more in all my experiences, not alone by the mind-melding lectures in a classroom.
My friends joke and say I am over critical. I don't think I am; I can't help that I want to be proud of everything I do! (I have to, I’m a Slaughter!)
--- guess you want to know more, huh? ---
I'm a passionate, multi-talented creative who never stops learning!
With my 17 years of work experience, I have been fortunate to have held various positions across a range of industries that have allowed me to cultivate a skill set that makes me adaptable to many opportunities. 
My work experience includes: 
✔️ 15 years of experience in the design field covering graphic design (print & digital), web design and development, brand design & strategy, mobile application development, UI design, and more 
✔️7 years of marketing experience, including social media marketing, content marketing, digital campaigns, public relations and communications, event coordination, and marketing strategy
✔️10 years of customer service experience, covering technical support, call centers, client relations, sales, customer retention, fundraising, receptionists, account management, and others
✔️5 years of experience in clerical work including administrative assistance, personal assistance, executive assistance, and project management
✔️13 years of experience in the food & beverage industry including serving, host, bartending, banquets, and catering
Branding, Web Design, and Digital Strategy are my passions, and I am eager to refine and expand my knowledge and skill-set whenever the opportunity arises. I'm handy with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and can speak HTML & CSS pretty fluently. I also know a bit of PHP, Java, and After Effects, among other things. 
I can take on a project alone from concept to completion, but I also have experience working as part of a team in varying sizes from 1 to many. The projects I've worked on in my career range from independent freelance work to managed teamwork. Some of the things that I am most proud of are: 
▪️ helping small businesses and entrepreneurs build strong brands with cohesive identity systems and create a brand strategy for growth
▪️ designing and developing dynamic websites and blogs that convert readers
▪️ and refining social media practices by helping to produce compelling written, graphic, video, and audio content for online profiles that drive engagement
I believe that it is essential to love doing what you do, and I spend some time doing what I love every day.
My life motto is: "I don't just create, I create me!" because not only am I a "creativepreneur" that strives to build a thriving creative empire, I also strive to create and give the best version of me in so that I do. 
After almost a decade living in East Lansing/Lansing, MI (because I went to Michigan State University), I moved to Houston for a new beginning and was there for 3 years. Now, I'm back home living in Detroit, MI, with my rescue pup Bandit. At the same time, I work on figuring out this thing called life.
Away from the computer, I can usually be found somewhere in the kitchen cooking a good meal or wandering the D-Town streets with my small circle of friends, always looking for a great meal and a good time. I occasionally pull out my camera and take a few photos or try to plan a new adventure
-- final thoughts --
Now that you know a bit about me, go ahead and check out my work in my portfolio, read my blog, or drop me an emailI am currently looking for career opportunities, preferably remote or work-at-home if you have availability or know of any.
As you may, or may not, know, being a millennial and growing up with social media, I spend a lot of my time in several online communities, and on personal profiles.
You can find me in all the usual spots on the web! With my obsession to dominate the Internet market for my name, you can pretty much find me in all the usual spots on the web as @desimslaughter.
See what I am up to NOW on my Personal Website. Stay up-to-date on current events and what's happening in my world on my Facebook Page. Follow my daily thoughts and commentary on Twitter. See the world through my eyes on Instagram with daily adventure vlogs and photos. Get inspired by my pins on Pinterest. And even though you just learned so much about my career here, you can always add me to your network on LinkedIn!
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!
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