WordPress Web Designer & Developer

Nov 2021 to May 2022

About the Company

"Michigan Creative is a creative agency that fully immerses into our client’s business and industry. We’re a team of strategic thinkers, creators, and designers work with clients all over the state of Michigan to acquire the same vision and accomplish goals together. We leverage best practices learned from across our vast and diverse experience to take brands to the next level. We work with businesses small and large on marketing, branding, graphic design and advertising to all facets of video production, animation, web, mobile, social media, and more."

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About My Role:

As a WordPress Web Designer & Developer, I designed, created, and maintained modern, scalable, and functional sites using WordPress CMS and Pro Theme by Themeco for agency clients. From concept to completion, I can take an idea and make it come alive in print or pixels, in the style best suited to the client’s needs.


  • Planning design, functionality, and navigation for websites and landing pages on mobile and desktop platforms that follow W3C web standards and ADA compliance (along with other industry best practices).
  • Using Adobe Creative Suite to create wireframes, mockups, graphic images, site content, and branding for various business and website concepts.
  • Provide routine updates, upgrades, and overall maintenance of customers’ existing websites.
  • Assisting coworkers with effective web practices, web layouts and design, and SEO optimization.
  • Working independently and as part of a cross-functional hybrid team for conceptualizing and optimizing websites.


  • Designed 8 websites to date.
  • Individually spearheaded 4 projects simultaneously.
  • Directly influenced the creation of more efficient project workflows via recommended software solutions.
Desiree' M. Slaughter

Desiree' M. Slaughter

Creative Professional, Solopreneur, Digital Creator

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