I Received the OneTen/BIT Scholarship with Udacity!

Oct 29, 2022 | Updates

I received the OneTen/BIT Scholarship for the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program offered by Udacity. Learn more about what's next.

If you aren’t already aware, OneTen, the Blacks In Technology Foundation, and Udacity are partnering to offer scholarships to 50000 learners looking to advance their skills in business analytics, digital marketing, or front-end web development and prepare them for a high-paying tech job—or to start a business of their own. I applied for it! Read why.

The OneTen/BIT Scholarship Program application closed on October 4th. From there, the chosen recipients were to be notified today, October 19th.

This afternoon, I received an acceptance email for the scholarship to take the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program since that was the most recent application they’d received from me. This learning journey is set to begin on Wednesday, October 26th, with the live program kick-off session taking place on Thursday, October 27th, and will continue through Wednesday, February 15th, 2023.

I am excited about this opportunity since completing this program will help me do well in my current position and beyond. In addition to taking this program for employment-related reasons, I also hope that by taking this course, I will be able to apply the knowledge gained to grow my personal brand and businesses. 

Want to follow along with my learning journey?

As I complete the program, I will post updates to my portfolio website, which will also be on my social media profiles and email list. 

Desiree' M. Slaughter

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