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Jun 17, 2023 | Updates

Want to know what I'm up to now? Check out this page to learn more about what I'm working on, my goals, and highlighted personal updates.

A good idea from Derek Sivers inspired this page (explore inspiring examples and create your own here).

Hey there, it’s Desi! Here you can get a quarterly snapshot of what’s going on with me right now, both professionally and personally. If you’ve made it this far, I assume you know a bit about me; if not, check out my bio to learn more about who I am. 

Why this page?

We can all relate to being asked, “What are you up to?” when we are out in the world. No matter how often you have to answer that question, the mental energy you put into formulating a response at the moment can be a task (at least for me).

After stumbling upon the Now Page Movement sometime back around 2016 or 2017, I knew that I wanted to create a page like that on my own website, and here we are! This page is a place for you to see what’s going on and a personal reminder of my priorities and goals when I need clarity. 

Should we meet, we’ll most likely strike up a conversation around some of the things mentioned here. And if we don’t meet, you can always connect with me on social media or email me if you want to know more.

June 2023 Update

Apparently, we are now in the Post-COVID era. This means that a lot of us are rethinking what life after COVID looks like, both personally and professionally. Although there is a lot of confusion and trial and error happening now, I am thankful that I have the space and opportunity to work toward my dream life. Read on to learn about what keeps me busy right now.

What’s going on in my career?

  • I’ve really been enjoying my Content Marketer role at Public Sector Consultants (PSC). I’ve been there for almost a year now, and I spend my days translating abstract public policy concepts into compelling, digestible content across various digital channels and creating modern, scalable, functional websites for both PSC and clients.
  • Being fairly new to corporate life with this new job, I am learning how to navigate the nuances of work-life and the responsibilities, relationships, and experiences that come along with it.
  • I recently moved up from a member to a co-host of the Lansing Marketing Hackers group, where I help plan, host, and facilitate events dedicated to local marketers and techies who want to learn how to be power users in marketing apps and services.
  • June 12th-16th, I am volunteering with the Mansion of Dreams Youth Entrepreneurship Program by Myles Johnson, dedicated to educating high school students to learn entrepreneurship skills. For the 2023 summer break program, I will be helping facilitate the weekly schedule around teaching local youth entrepreneurs how to start a T-Shirt Business and gain fashion experience.
  • Since I have a full-time job, finding the right balance between work, life, and my side hustles is an art form. I am taking time to update and restructure my freelance branding studio with signature services, digital products, and e-courses to earn passive income without over-dedicating my time.

What’s going on in my personal life?

  • After a long sabbatical, I’m finally refreshing and creating content for my personal brand. My primary goals are building my social presence, lifestyle blog, and content creation habit.
  • Since starting my job, I’ve had to start thinking about my wardrobe more. Currently, I am working on digitizing my closet. Right now, I’m using the Stylebook app on my iPhone, but I am also exploring using Cladwell as an option.
  • In addition to digitizing my wardrobe, I am also looking into options to enhance my wardrobe. So far, I am exploring JustFab and Stitch Fix.
  • Current Obsessions: Minimalism, Apartment Living, Mindfulness, Adult Wardrobe
  • After years of procrastination, I’m finally getting around to using my personal blog, Eat. Nerd. Create. by desimslaughter. My blog is published; check it out here. My goal is to update my blog twice per month to start out and increase from there with a posting schedule that matches my capacity.
  • In addition to my blog, I’m also working on my email newsletter, “From Desi’s Desk”, to connect with my email list subscribers. If you aren’t subscribed, why not?
  • Lately, I am getting more intrigued with the PKM movement. I am focused on enhancing my note-taking process to transform the information I obtain from books, articles, podcasts, and other sources into useful insights that I can apply in my daily life.
  • I’ve been working on updating all of my personal websites, including my portfolio (this one), my blog, and my freelance websites.
  • I am working on a signature service for my freelance business that includes an e-course, workbook, ebook, mini-courses, workshops, and more.

What’s next

  • I recently stumbled across a project called “I Met You Today” by Nate St. Pierre and J. Money of Skeleton Crew Creative. It is a project where they document their most interesting encounters in daily life. They each carry a small card with them, a business card for “I Met You Today,” containing the web address with a note that says “check this site in 24 hours.” When they visit the site, the person gets the opportunity to see how they’ve made an impact.
  • I plan to start pushing my freelance business services more to obtain clients.
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