Hello, I’m Desiree’ Slaughter

but I prefer to be called Desi (des-zee)!

I’m a creative professional, certified techie, & digital creator from Detroit

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My portfolio shows what I can do and the skills I’ve gained by displaying a highlighted selection of the work that I have produced over the course of my academic and professional careers.

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With 20 years of professional work experience, fortunately, I’ve held many positions across a range of industries that have allowed me to cultivate a skill set that makes me adaptable to many opportunities.

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Meet Desi

Creative Professional specializing in branding, web design, and content marketing. Certified Techie. Digital Creator that empowers, educates, and entertains by sharing my experiences.

Branding, Web Design, Content Creation, Communications, and Technology are my primary passions.

From my younger years up until now, I’ve always had a wide range of interests that typically revolve around nerding out on whatever I was passionate about and creating to my heart’s desire. Beginning as a self-taught artist drawing the cartoons I watched and other things around my house, then I drew my way through art school before finally ending up at University Preparatory Academy High School where I was introduced to independent learning, coding, and design.

I started my creative journey with nothing but a basic understanding of Photoshop and an open mind to learn new things. After switching from Applied Engineering to Media Arts & Technology as my college major, I structured my career and college experiences to gain a skill set that would serve me well in my future endeavors. The resulting coursework takes on many forms.

A multi-talented, passionate creative who never stops learning, and forever eager to advance my knowledge and skills whenever opportunities arise!

I’m handy with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva, can speak HTML, CSS, and WordPress pretty fluently, and also have a surface-level knowledge of PHP, Java, and After Effects, among other things. A large part of my education and knowledge is the result of my curiosity for learning more from all my experiences, rather than just from classroom lectures. That curiosity is the reason I’ve spent many years learning as much as I can about my passions: Branding, Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Tech.

With 20 years of work experience, fortunately, I’ve held many positions across a range of industries that make me adaptable to many roles.

My work experience includes:

✔️ 15 years in the design field covering graphic design (print & digital), web design and development, brand design & strategy, mobile application development, UX/UI design, and more.
✔️ 5 years of programming, covering HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, and more.
✔️ 9 years in the marketing field, including social media marketing, content marketing, digital campaigns, public relations and communications, event coordination, and marketing strategy.
✔️ 17 years in customer service, covering technical support, call centers, client relations, sales, customer retention, fundraising, receptionists, account management, and others.
✔️ 5 years of clerical work including administrative assistance, personal assistance, executive assistance, and project management.
✔️ 13 years in the food & beverage industry including serving, hosting, bartending, banquets, events, and catering.

Every day, I wake up with the drive to learn, grow as a person, build wealth, make a positive impact on the world, and inspire others in business and life!

My personal mission is, “…to make a positive impact on the world by educating, empowering, and entertaining all those within my reach.”

My ultimate dream is to create a profitable personal brand that positions me as a digital creator and known subject matter expert that’s one of the go-to people for others in my field. To achieve this goal, I’m telling my story, sharing the journey of chasing my dreams, and helping others with what I learn by creating and sharing content through my blogs and social media accounts.

With my obsession to claim my name everywhere on the Internet, you can find me on most sites as “desimslaughter”.

If you’d like to stay up to date on what’s happening in my world, you can view my recent personal updates on my Facebook Page, see what’s happening with my career on LinkedIn, follow my daily thoughts and commentary on Twitter, and see the world through my eyes on Instagram.

Creative Projects

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Video Projects

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Audio Projects

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Meet Desi

I’m a pixel-pushing, content-creating, Apple-loving, creative professional from Detroit, MI with an infectious personality. Every day, I wake up with the drive to educate, empower, and entertain those within my reach by sharing my personal experiences in business and life.

Helping connect the dots between personal branding and digital technology for high-achieving SMEs and solopreneurs is my superpower. I blend my four great passions — developing people, creativity, strategy, and digital technology — into a kick-ass alchemy that allows people to own their identity and make living off being themselves.

Through my blog and businesses I hope to connect with all you creatives, brands, students and nerds! You can find me pretty much anywhere online as ‘desimslaughter’.

Want to learn more about me, huh? Connect with me online!

If you are interested in personal branding, digital technology, the clueless journey of a 30-year-old millennial, or you’d just like to be social, you can find me pretty much anywhere online as ‘@desimslaughter’.

Right now, I spend most of my time online on Clubhouse, Quilt, Instagram, and Twitter. There are tips and resources that you will find helpful, quotes to encourage and I would love to hear from you.

Want to know what I’m up to now?
Stop by the “Now Page” on my website!

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